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What is the North American Youth Section?


The Youth Section is part of the global School for Spiritual Science. The Youth Section sees its purpose more in connecting and advising than in research and teaching. It is a vibrant hub, a place of meeting, exchange, and stimulation. At the same time, it is a place to explore new initiatives, contemplative practices and approaches to understanding. The essential aim of the Section is future oriented: to support young people in their spiritual striving, their need to understand the world, to connect and their urge to be active.

Another virtue can be called — though it is difficult to describe it exactly — the virtue of Courage. It contains the mood which does not remain passive towards life, but is ready to use its strength and activity. It can be said that this virtue comes from the heart. Of one who has this virtue in ordinary life it can be said: he has his heart in the right place. This is a good expression for our condition when we do not withdraw in a timid way from things which life asks from us, but when we are prepared to take ourselves in hand and know how to intervene where it is necessary. When we are inclined to get moving, confidently and bravely, we have this virtue. It is connected with a healthy life of feeling, which develops bravery at the right moment, while its absence brings about cowardice.
— Rudolf Steiner --GA 159 -- The Great Virtues. Zürich, January 31, 1915