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water's rollin' in

feb - mar 2019 issue#1 :

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~ theme hoist : "Love as a Capacity"

A friend sent me
a monthly sequence of
striving virtues... (from Steiner)
"from Feb 21 - March 21
magnanimity becomes love".
Magnanimity is flowing generosity of soul, with a refusal to be petty.
How do we come to love then, from magnanimity?
We build toward the capacity to love, through magnanimity.

How can our work in the world, through relationships with others, weave a tapestry fine enough to welcome love's becoming?
I can't force it, but I can hold it as an intention, and if I happen to find myself, falling short of it, the act of just seeing myself there, however unmagnanimous, is a most beautiful opportunity!
I can hope for it! The journey toward our ideals must be a journey through all that we might find to be less than ideal, and love it too.
What else have we, being here, to do? (
write a haiku?)
enters quick like light
gifts givingly all about
so magnanimous
~ G's Check-In ~
I Refused
It's been several months now that basically nothing is happening. In two weeks, I reread all of Harry Potter. Sometimes Robi and I go walking behind our house. We drink coffee while sitting on rocking chairs in front of the stove. We talk, just the two of us. The house is clean but we push the time on the dishes. And then we wonder what the hell we’re doing. But not too much, otherwise it would be depressing.

I had a rather exceptional job offer, a good and meaningful job, for which I am not qualified. Someone offered it to me all the same!
But I refused. Why?
Because it's two hours from home and it goes against the vision that I had when I decided to settle here, on this farm. I wanted to create a community, self-sufficiency, artistic events that roll ... but it has not happened yet.
And yet I cling to the vision, out of hope or stupidity. In short, I refused the job.

It was my choice. When I was 17, I left the school system, abandoning my journalism program, and putting a stop to the career I had been dreaming of since I was a little girl.

Since then, many things have happened. I have lived in various countries, had great encounters, worked different jobs, and learned to live with people from many different backgrounds.

But when I tell my story, some questions remain: "When are you going back to school? » followed immediately by "but HOW do you intend to make a living?"

Frankly, I do not know the answers. But the second question remains, being part of my daily life more than I would like. It’s giving me the impression of having a huge clock spying on me, counting the seconds loudly.

The thing is, now I have a rent to pay. I do not wander from one place to another anymore, not worried about where I'll be, when, or how. Robi, also a vagabond, and I, decided to come back to our country and rent a little house near the woods. It's super warm, charming, and everything.
But now, we are part of this societal norm of people who have a home, that is not quite their own, and who wonder day after day if they will make it. I know, it does not have to be complicated. I just have to find boring work while waiting to go back to school in a program that suits me, which will eventually allow me to find little less boring work. Great!

To be honest, I am not convinced this path suits me. Over the coming months I will reflect on my relationship with the world of work, revisiting various experiences, beautiful and less beautiful, leaning at the same time on these issues; "Can we really do what we love? » And "can one only create
beauty and meaning and live from it? » As I enter the process of creating a reality that suits me.

Text : Gésaël Drouin-Vigneault / Drawings : Rosalie Beaucage
~ Art of Life ~
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by Ariel-Paul Saunders
So settled, stand sturdily, go graciously through
I still serve your highest truth
Though these ancient patterns persist
Song sung in the mist
Heart beats stone steadily
Play of air and sun on memory
I haven’t known such suffering
Though I can’t imagine anything else.
Soul keeps on surging,
Now and forever.

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towards modern initiation
(this section of the newsletter exercises inquiries into inner development...)
(a pair of lungs breathing within the paper? Two faces speaking in healing light? I poured water over my spiritual blue marker cartoons...
We are discussing here the question of modern initiation. Which is a way of looking at our relationship with life, seeking meaning in life, and through this meaningfulness following a path of activity that calls forth our highest capacities and higher still.

This can take many forms, and builds through many levels. Humanity seems busier to transform itself, than do the other beings on earth. So full are we of grappling with the mystery of being. A mystery not so mysterious for the other walks of life.

In the same way, is there any mystery for the beings who are in spiritual worlds? If they can see the truth of things?
From this side, endearing as it may well be, humanity is probably the only mystery for spiritual world beings. For, if we possess the slightest inkling of freedom, just a tinch, then it is a freedom to be that we our selves choose.

What will become from these choices, these free choices? If freedom is possible, can we develop it further?

We can turn the question of initiation around, and consider that the social realm is the new initiation, and that the freedom of the other, the quality of freedom that another experiences through our relationship with them, can be a great barometer of how free we really are.
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Thoreau College Semester Program-
Autumn 2019: Humans and Nature

By Jacob Hundt, Thoreau College Stewarding Circle ** jacobhundt@thoreaucollege.org

I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. ---H. D. Thoreau, Walden

So we may say that anthroposophy begins in every case at the scientific level, calls art to the enlivening of its concepts, and ends in religious deepening. It begins with what the head can grasp, takes on all the life and color of which words are capable, and ends in warmth that suffuses and reassures the heart, so that man's soul can at all times feel itself in the spirit, its true home. We must learn, on the anthroposophical path, to start with knowledge, then lift ourselves to the level of artistry, and to end in the warmth of religious feeling.
-- Rudolf Steiner, Awakening to Community, Lecture II. Stuttgart, January 30, 1923

We live in a time of crisis. Everyone, even those living in comfort and safety, is aware of this on some level, either dimly, as a nagging anxiety at the back of one’s mind, or acutely, as a sharp terror that awakens one in the middle of the night. Perhaps most people have experienced both of these levels at one time or another. People have different names for this pervasive sense of crisis, depending on their experiences and context - for some it is called “Climate Change” or “The Sixth Great Extinction.” For others, it might be called economic inequality, erosion of democratic institutions, or cultural and moral decay. Call it what you will, crisis is the often unacknowledged elephant in the room as we go through our daily lives, living with a growing sense that current order cannot hold and that the future will be different in ways that are hard to predict.

This uncertain period in history is perhaps especially challenging for young people just arriving on the threshold of adulthood. Young adulthood is a stage of life when we are uniquely called to peer into the future to try to discern the shape our lives and world might take decades hence and to examine the assumptions and habits that have led our civilization to our present situation. Young adulthood is also a time of life when we can ask and discuss the big questions of meaning, life purpose, and core values, as well as cultivate inner resources for the important work we are each called to do. These are precious years of one’s life, filled with urgent consequences for the future, and not to be squandered with trivial and conventional activities.

Thoreau College, located in the rugged Driftless Region of southwestern Wisconsin, is an initiative to re-envision education for young adults in our time. We are inspired by anthroposophy and the ideas of Rudolf Steiner, as well as by Henry David Thoreau and the model of Deep Springs College. We strive to apply the insights drawn from these inspirations to reinvigorate and expand the liberal arts tradition to embrace all aspects of our humanity and to craft a curriculum tuned to the deeper spiritual rhythms of human life and the cycles of nature. In this vision, immersions in nature, manual labor, artistic creation, contemplation and inner development, and the practice of community self-governance join rigorous intellectual engagement with pivotal texts, ideas, and scientific discoveries to constitute a new liberal arts for the cultivation of whole human beings.

As a step towards the creation of a full undergraduate college, Thoreau College will be offering our first Semester Program this fall, with a thematic focus on the relationship between Humans and Nature. Young adults between 18-25 are invited to join us in Viroqua, Wisconsin from August-December 2019 for a semester of reading, conversation, agricultural work, cooking, wilderness expeditions, service, arts, community life, and personal reflection. Together, we will strive to live deliberately and to examine the roots and manifestations of our current crises, while also working to fashion a potent vision for a future we would wish to inhabit.
Join us!

To learn more and apply now, visit www.thoreaucollege.org. Application deadline: May 1, 2019.

During this 5-day retreat we will explore gender, sexuality and social understanding through conversations, presentations, artistic experience, social time and quiet time. We will share our questions and experiences and learn from one another. We will explore the limits and liberties of gender, the complexity of attraction, and working with the masculine and feminine forces in each of us towards greater inner freedom.