NAYS shout! "To Be Real" {summer 2019}

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How We Will: Threefolding our Cultural Revolution  
Doing the Good
Will be happening in Philmont  New York
August 22  - 26

Our hope is to create a safe collaborative space where the questions and experiences living in diverse communities can be explored, engaged and activated towards ideas and capacities that can become actions. The intention is to foster capacities for transformative action in the three social areas of economy, culture and politics.  We are seeking to create moral imaginations for societal health and prosperity that reach across the great divides facing us today as a humanity through conversation, prototyping and deep listening. 

Our friends from Free Columbia have agreed to host this year’s How We Will: Doing the Good in their own backyard. Those working with Free Columbia are forerunners in new forms of economics, education and culture here in North America and they are walking their talk and leading towards a higher imagination of what can happen when a small group of people rock steady with great commitment towards a more sustainable, prosperous and collaborative humanity. 

We will have an opportunity to listen in to how they are moving forward in these new pictures that bespeak of a great courageous undertaking with the newly leased theater space and their expanding facilities.  Friends are invited to co-work on a buildout of the theater space the week before and if there is interest to stay after the How We Will gathering to see what else could be supported. 

The Hudson area relates to other places in the United States and to what is emerging in human experience across the board for the healthy and the not so healthy social organism in our country and also in the world. 

Dottie Zold and Frank Agrama have pulled together a team to collaborate on a card and board game that lays out a social landscape activating the principles of Rudolf Steiner’s Threefold Commonwealth first articulated at the end of WWI. We will lift up towards a moral imagination of what it means when Steiner says ‘we should be losing sleep if there is suffering in the world’.  What does it mean to consider another’s needs as important as my own needs are? How can we be when good fortune knocks on our door and yet another will suffer the consequences of that deed if I do not lend my thoughts of how both might be lifted up into being cared for? What are the systems in place that allow for an ever growing divide between those who have and those who do not? What does it mean to have an economy whose principle is brotherly/sisterly love; a political realm where all are equal under the protection of the law and you cannot buy more rights for yourself according to your wealth; a cultural realm where freedom reigns in the choices you make for your own life? What could it mean to have a healthy social organism that is steeped in a human dignity that respects all walks of life and the earth as a living organism. 

We will first hear from impacted individuals and communities so that as we prototype a future oriented city those who feel the yoke of oppression through racism, poverty and general societal neglect, so that their own sufferings will fructify our work toward a more beautiful humanity.

One such a voice, who speaks in thunderous tenacity, is Fresno Freedom School founder, Reverend Floyd D. Harris Jr.  He co-created a farm and CSA with local youth, for the poorest in their neighborhood, so that new futures can happen.  Harris is a dedicated mentor and advocate, with with the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival.

Conversation holders are now being engaged and we will have more information in the next week. Registration opens on Thursday, July 4th 2019. 

Join us as we seek a new way forward that can activate our deepest moral values wherein Doing the Good unites us and multiplies our capacity that can inspire us towards a common good becoming.